No, I don’t mean the test you take after law school. The actual bar…where they make fun drinks…where is it so loud you can hardly hear the bartender… I decided that after surviving one full day of work yesterday, I should go to the bar. One of my co-workers won a free happy hour so it seems logical. (Sadly, I only had ginger ale…oh how I miss my Riesling.)  The bar was completed packed and it was only 6pm. The waitress was wearing these tiny black shorts and this tiny black tube top. I really wanted to ask her how that tube top stayed on, seriously it was a sight. She was a very thin girl so she pulled it off very well but how did that top stay on!  My co-workers were randomly checking out hot guys and girls…and the whole time, I thought, thank god I don’t have to do this again. I loved dating…but I hated the bar scene….The somewhat awkward conversation and the extremely random guys. Yes, it is true you can meet some nice guys at a bar but not always.  I remember meeting one guy who thought it was cool that his girlfriend decided to become a lesbian after dating him. Yeah, real cool buddy. Any good bar stories?