I have a confession: I absolutely hate being alone in the house. It freaks me out so much. Maybe I watch too much CSI but I can turn something reasonable like the wind into some crazy idea that a lunatic is going to kill me at 7pm. Trust me, I know it is crazy. I’ve been told many times that I am in fact a crazy person but come on……isn’t everyone freaked out when they are alone in the house?  Yes, I am a grown up and maybe I could even take this imaginary person who will come to kill me while I am watching reruns but still…..the fear is there.  Here is the dilemma: My boyfriend will be leaving for the entire summer next year and I am freaking out already. What the hell am I going to do? I know I still have some time but still….this is not cool? Maybe I should learn karate?   

Anyone else afraid of being home alone? And yes, I do love that movie.