I think I hate my job…..ok I really do hate my job. It is completely thankless, most of the people I encounter have something up their butts and my boss is completely incompetent….the holy trinity of a horrible job. There is a plus side though…I love my coworkers…they actually make this job more …….tolerable. Thankfully, I have been offered a chance to switch positions into a better department and with a boss that will actually care…a boss who will actually come to work on time instead of strolling in at 10. However, this new “transition” is taking a very long time. I am going to take over someone’s position and I am basically sitting here twiddling my thumbs until she gets the pay that she wants. Sitting…..waiting…..hoping…. I’m sure everyone can understand how stressful it is to have a job that you hate. It consumes every aspect of your life even if you try to keep them separate. You become moody, anxious and unconsciously take it out on people who don’t deserve it (sorry boyfriend!) Anyway, that is my rant. Keep your fingers crossed for this new job…or maybe someone has some advice on how to make your boss answer her phone or maybe answer her emails?!