Ok, so I definitely just poured cereal in my coffee cup…and yes there was coffee in it. Damn…I’m not a huge pessimist but I don’t think this is the best way to start the morning. Probably because I am too lazy to get up for more coffee. Oh, I already miss my coffee.  I had dinner with a friend of mine last night, her bf broke up with her about a month ago and for the most part, she is doing fine. They dated for a long time and she is in the process of moving out of their apt….ekk she has been living with him since the breakup. I’m not sure I could do that, stay with a guy that just said he didn’t love me. I guess she has some balls or she couldn’t find a new place until now. Anyway, dinner was……special… and that is the best word for it. I’m going to start off by saying she is a smart girl, completely motivated but she is so negative. I know, you are saying, well her bf just broke up with her…but she was like this before they broke up. She is the type of person that feels better by finding the flaws in your life that you didn’t even know where there. I love her to death but sometimes our dinners leave me completely exhausted and then the paranoia sets in. Oh my god, is my relationship ok? Is my apt clean? I am smart enough?Basically, I want to slap myself since I try not to think about those things at all. But hanging out with her, makes me crazier. I’m sure my boyfriend enjoys that as well. Who doesn’t love a completely crazy girl, right? Hopefully, these feelings of self doubt will fade…until our next encounter..