Oh, the fun filled adventures of my coworker; I swear the girl never stops to amaze me. For all of you “Hills” lovers, I am living in my own soap opera filled with sex crazed, scorned, obsessed and hypocritical traits….oh wait I only described one person or character as I will call her. My friends enjoy hearing the wonder that is her life so I will share the wealth.  Today’s story: (Yes, it is only 8 am but she somehow still manages to create drama at 8. I think it’s her special talent.) She has cried twice already… over what? God only knows……Each time, we ask her what’s wrong and each time she gathers up her courage and says “nothing” and continues to cry. Um, yeah we are at work and the last time I checked crying at work is slightly unprofessional. However, I’m not a horrible bitch so I understand that sometimes emotions get the best of us so once or twice is ok. But for the love of god, this has happened almost seven times in the last three months. Seven times of asking her if she is ok, seven times of taking her to the bathroom so our boss doesn’t see that she is a mess and her reasons for crying you ask….. Boys, broken nail, lost bag…and it goes on and on and on.  God only knows what she has in store for us today as soon as she tells us what’s wrong.Stay tuned for another episode of crazy coworker…..