I’m so sad that this weekend is over. The beach was absolutely amazing and the weather was just great. The boy and I took long walks on the beach and tried to decide a few things. Aside from the beautiful scenery, we had some tough decisions. Not about us but about my job. As you know, my job sucks….a lot. I think many of you know that if you have a bad job, it really does change your personality. I love my coworkers but I hate the work and even though I’m young, I still want to try doing something that I love or at least like. But I don’t like change. I actually hate change unless I can prepare for it. Yes, I am very lame.  So my tough decision, do I stay with this great company at a position I hate waiting to hear about this other job, which I’m not even sure I will like or even if it will come through…..or do I search for a new job (interviews, suits and rejection!) Leave my great coworkers, leave the stability….frick frick frick (yes, I stole that from Scrubs…awesome show.) I’m just not sure.  Maybe I should set up some deadline for this decision?

 Edit: This is the best way to describe my company/job: They are great at throwing parties and trying to get you to forget that you hate your job.