I woke up this morning; I still can’t breath so I figured what’s another day off, right? Except, I’m bored and it’s only 9:43. Crap….I watched everything on my tivo yesterday, cleaned the house, did the laundry, swiffered ( i love that thing.)

I can only lay on the couch for so long before I start to go insane and start stalking people on facebook, as fun as that is, it gets old…..fast.

Do I really care who updated their quotes for the day? um no but I am sure going to read it.

I seriously love facebook though, you can spend hours there and the new applications they added just suck you in.

I should be doing something more productive; I don’t know what but something tells me that spending a few hours on facebook isn’t the best idea.

Anyone have any ideas on what I should do today?

Update: Why is that when I’m sick my boyfriend wants to have sex? hahah oh men…

Second update: Wow, I just saw the worst ad ever. It was a group of men playing their guitars and singing..and what were they singing…”Viva Viagra.” They were saying something about how they want to go home …blah blah blah viva viagra…wow i’m slightly scared now.