Ah, the good old office. Oh, how I’ve missed you.

Yeah, right. 

My inbox was so full, it was actually disgusting. I wish I could just press the delete button and be done with it. I guess it is kind of nice to be back in the office, I missed my coworkers even though they are stayed away from me since I am still sick. Can you feel the love?

I sent out a few resumes last night but job hunting is only exciting for the first few days. You start to think about all the new experiences and you get really happy about the new change. But then….a couple of days go by and you don’t hear back from anyone and you start to feel frustrated and you end up sending you resume to Burger King cause no one else will call you back….ok sorry I got a little ahead of myself..

I don’t even like burger king but god now I want some fries. 

I swear the cold medicine is messing with my brain. 

Another freak out moment: the new doggie arrives this weekend. I’m so nervous and obviously excited. I really hope I can do this.ekk…Do you guys have any good training tips for me?