As you all know, I love going to work. Love it! Not….but finally becoming a pet owner has made me really want to stay home all day long and play with her. Her name is Riley..but that wasn’t our pick. We adopted her and since she is 3, I felt bad changing the name. Still, she is fricking adorable. I’ve wanted to own a dog for such a long time and finally I have an adorable dog. It is unreal.  Moving on, I missed the whole Britney show and now I’m too scared to watch it on Youtube. Seriously, the whole thing is sad. Everyone has been saying horrible things about her weight and her mental clarity, if she had any. I still feel bad for her..just like I felt bad for the geography mishap and the favorite pageant contestant.  I’m doing everything in my power to actually avoid my workload. Unfortunately, I can hear it calling my name. Do me….do me…do me…and sadly there is no sexual theme there…. I had yesterday off and I realize that today is only Tuesday but seriously, guys….is it Friday yet?