Ok, I’m sitting at my desk still half awake. I walked the dog, went to the gym and finally I am here…..in hell or work as some might call it. But here is my real dilemma, is it wrong to eat this delicious piece of chocolatey goodness that I have sitting right before me, taunting me, calling me….saying oh please eat me, don’t worry about the guilt ….just eat me…….Damn……losing all willpower now….Damn you chocolate…damn you. Would it really be wrong to have chocolate for breakfast?Anyway, I made some delicious homemade Oreo cookies…thank you Clink and Smitten Kitchen. Seriously, that lady can cook! (www.smittenkitchen.com) Around 8 pm, I decided to make these cookies. I don’t have a hand mixer; I ordered a mixer from Kitchenaid but nope, not here yet. So I decided to mix it the old fashion way…whisk…fork…whatever works. Seriously, less than 30 minutes later these beautiful cookies were one. (Pictures to come, unless my boyfriend ate them all… haha)  Thank you chocolatey goodness.