Have you ever noticed that the best ideas come to you when you don’t have a pen and paper anywhere near you? I get the best ideas in the shower or on the toilet (sorry if that is TMI.) I was at work yesterday, doing my lady business in the bathroom, (yes, I am home again today…I cannot shake this stupid flu)…..anyway, I was doing my business when I thought of a good idea for a post, so here it is.

It was my sophomore year in college and I was home for some random break. I remember my sister was home as well and she just had this huge fight with her boyfriend. She was in her bedroom, her curtains closed, absolutely no light in her room and she ws crying her eyes out. She is older than me and I have always gone to her for advice but at that moment, she just seemed so different. There is a line from Scrubs when JD looks at his patient that was alive a few minutes before and died suddenly due to a heart attack and he says…I’ll never forget that moment, the way he looked exactly the same…only completely different.”

I don’t remember exactly what her boyfriend did that warranted her to stay in her room for hours crying but I remember thinking why do we bother with relationships? All of her pain….where is the reward? My dating experience was quite horrible in college so I really didn’t have much to go on either. I just couldn’t understand why we would put yourselves in the position to get hurt.

I really didn’t mean to post about my boyfriend but at that time, the extent of my dating experience was this one guy who I really cared about but he was for lack of a better word an ass. It’s funny how we choose to only see the good in people and completely ignore their horrible traits.

In short (I know this wasn’t a short post) I do realize now why we date…..crappy boyfriends aside, there are nice guys out there and even though there are rare…they exist.

P.S. My sister’s boyfriend did apologize for whatever he did and they live happily ever after now.

P.S.S I love my boyfriend:)