I love checking my email. I have to say that it is my obsession; I even have one of those phones with internet access so I can check my email on the go.

No, I don’t have an all important job that requires constant access to my email account but I just love it.  I need it, I must check it. If I don’t check it for a day, I have these horrible thoughts that someone is trying to reach me and I haven’t answered. I even check my work email constantly, even though I hate my job. I check my work email on my days off…I’m starting to see a problem here.

Is there a support group for email checkers?

Anyway, I’ve become obsessed with cooking and baking but have you noticed that in order to make delicious meals you need more cooking supplies. I’m not just talking about ingredients; I’m talking about pots, pans, mixers and baking sheets.

 My poor bank account. 

I wanted to make banana bread but I didn’t have a bread baking thingy. The word is suddenly missing from my vocabulary. Ya know, that baking tool that has the shape of a loaf? ( Loaf pan??)

Wow, I’ve suddenly realized that I shouldn’t bake. I will let you all know how it tastes!