First off, I want to say congrats Molly. If you don’t know who she is, then you clearly suck. I’m kidding, she is on my blogroll..go read! The ring looks beautiful!

Speaking of good news…I got a job interview yesterday.

I’m completely freaked out; all of these questions are running through my head. Will I get it? Will the people be nice? Will I like the job? Holy hell!

I suck at interviews too! I get so flustered; I lose the ability to speak. It’s sad actually.

But either way, I got one.

So why is my title “naked ladies?” Oh, because that is what I get to see every single morning.


I’m all for being comfortable in your own skin but is it absolutely necessary to take off all of your clothes in the locker room and bend over right in front of me? Can we say ew? Cause I can!


Now, moving on to the TV segment…Did anyone watch Chuck and the Big Bang Theory…..they are soo funny!