The interview…..oh the dreaded interview.

I haven’t had an interview in over a year.

I hate them. There is nothing good about the interview….your palms get sweaty, your voice cracks and that is just on the train ride there.

I am calm right now but I know that tonight, I will be freaking out. What will they ask me? Holy cow!

Another problem, I really hate wearing suits. I just do, they suck. I never feel comfortable in them.

I remember my very first interview, I had to borrow a suit from my sister and we are not the same size.

Hello mess.

This was also before my obsession with shoes so I had these black pumps that were a little too big as well. I was swimming in the suit and I had to give them a writing sample during the interview. It was horrible, I had to roll up the sleeves just to write and by the time I left the office, my feet were bleeding from the shoes.

Stupid stupid.

I still got the internship though..thank god. i guess they didn’t mind the big suit and the bloody shoes. But I have a feeling this company will.. haha thank god for great shoes now.

So wise internet friends, instead of wearing a suit I was thinking of wearing a nice black pencil shirt with a light white sweater. What do you guys think? Professional enough?

Major eek!