I know that I won’t have any time tomorrow to write because work is so crazy but I wanted to update.

The interview on Friday went so well. I was supposed to meet with the Vice President at 8:30 but since I hate being late, I got there around 7:50. I thought I would just wait with the secretary until 8:30 but when I tried to get to the 4th floor, the elevator wouldn’t move. I pushed the button and nothing happened. I asked someone in the lobby but since there is a bank there, no one knew how to help. So I decided to go to the fifth floor and go down but the elevator still wouldn’t move. I decided to sit in the lobby until 8:30; I thought that he would just come down to get me since you need some id to activate the elevator. As the minutes flew by, I kept thinking whether I really want this job. Being the crazy person that I am, I proceeded to think up some horrible scenarios with the bank in the lobby and how they would rob the bank and hold the advertising company hostage to get to the bank. Hello crazy??

Anyway, 8:30 passed and I was kind of freaked so I called him. He told me that the elevator unlocks after 8:00. Um, yeah I felt like an idiot but he didn’t seem to mind. We went into a conference room and I felt so comfortable. It felt like a conversation rather than an interview. Apparently, he likes to cook and bake as well so we chatted about that for about 30 minutes. What luck, right? He told me that he wanted me to come in for a second interview so I can meet with the two supervisors. It sounds great and they have beer cart Friday. How awesome is that?

I’m so excited but I’m also still freaked. Oh the possibilities.