I read Michelle’s blog yesterday, she clean her carpet after her dog decided to poo on the floor. As I was reading her blog, I kept thinking “wow that sucks.” If you own a dog, you know how badly dog poo can smell. The same for babies, I’m sure, right?


Anyway, as I went to walk my dog this morning in darkness, where did the light go?! I noticed she made some poo and I went to pick it up but um it was dark and I couldn’t find it. I picked up what I could and took her back in. I went about my day as usual, headed to the gym but the whole time I smelled something.


Yes, I stepped in it. A big steaming pile of poo on the bottom of my sneaker, just one thank god. Unfortunately, my sneakers have this weird pattern on the bottom and the poo was stuck in every weird corner possible. I tried washing it out in the bathroom but the horrible poo wouldn’t leave for at least 15 minutes. I didn’t want to waste a gym day so I sprayed my sneaker down (thank god it was finally clean) and I went to workout with one wet sneaker.


The morale to this story- Bring a flashlight when it is dark out and you need to find poop.


In other news, round two in set for Friday, woohoo. I’m going to meet with two supervisors and the rest of the team.


Holy wow batman! I’m kind of freaked, what do they ask during round two?