I’m so glad the whole interview thing is done, except it would be really nice to know the outcome, right?!

The company has the day off so I probably will not hear back from them until Weds. I would say Tuesday but I think they would have to meet and discuss, right?

I meet with five different people but they still managed to ask me the same questions. But it was fine, I felt relaxed.

However, I am not relaxed right now.

I need to know. Right…..now! I’m going crazy not knowing.

A part of me is excited but another part of me is freaked out, with those horrible questions like what if I don’t get it?I might hide in some corner if I don’t.

God help me…hahah 

P.S. My “soon to be, oh please god” supervisor is so adorable it’s not even funny. I might even be a tad bit jealous of her cuteness but in a good way, not the evil girl jealous way.