Ok, I’m sure you get the point by now. I’m completely obsessed with checking my email. I’ve even gone the extra crazy step by checking to see the other emails that he sent me last week to get an estimate on when he could possibly email me back.

Yes, my name is OBH and I am crazy. 

I told the boy last night that if I didn’t get the job I wanted some wine and flowers.

Imagine this being said in a cute, non-demanding voice 🙂

He asked me, what if you get the job. Flowers and wine…ha-ha come on? That’s a given. 

But seriously, I don’t want anything…..except for maybe this job.

I know that if you leave my company, you have to go through an exit interview and even though I haven’t received this new job yet, I’m really excited about the idea of this exit interview. Aside from burning bridges with my horrible boss, it would be a perfect opportunity to explain to the HR team why our department is failing….the why being her. aka boss lady.

Mrs. “I come in at 10 when everyone else is here at 8.”

Mrs. “Oh please create this 40 page report but whoops, I didn’t need it anyway.”

Mrs. “Why did you take two hours for lunch? Oh you had a meeting. ..whoops.” 

No, I am not bitter…not bitter at all.

For the love of god, can someone disable my email because my finger actually hurts from pressing refresh?