So I’m just sitting here, trying to get the courage to tell my boss.

It’s not that I’m afraid to tell her but I’m afraid of what will happen after.

No, she won’t yell but I’m afraid of actually leaving my job….starting a new one, meeting new coworkers and learning a new field.

 Holy crap.

My fear is that I will lose my friends now, those people who were coworkers when I started but turned into friends after months of hard work and cursing at our boss behind her back. I hope it isn’t like the end of college, where we say we will hang out but never really have the time. I’ve never been one to welcome change with open arms; I get super anxious over the most mundane situations. I can feel my stomach hurting right now just thinking about meeting new people and/or making mistakes.  

Holy cow indeed… but change is good and necessary.