Even after I quit my job, I’m still swamped at work but this time, it’s a different feeling. I know I have to finish this work before I leave and train the new temp but now I don’t feel like I’m going to rip my hair out. I didn’t stop caring, I just stopped freaking out about this job…cause in a few days, it won’t be mine anymore…wohoo..

 Every time I receive a horrible email, I no longer freak out. I just say bye jerk and email him a very nice response like “go bite yourself” because this stuff isn’t mine anymore. You have no idea how great it feels.

On another note, I bought some Halloween candy to prepare for the kiddies.


We are devouring it as if it is water….mmmmm baby ruth. Someone stop me now. Please.

Anyway, when I was walking my dog last night, there was this weirdo guy just walking around. Now, I’m normally paranoid but this guy freaked me out to a different level of paranoia. This girl walked by, he just stopped and watched her walk for five minutes. She got into her house but he just stood there. My house is near a main street and for a second, I thought he was at the intersection waiting for the light to change so he could cross but no, he didn’t move. F

ricking creepy.

I want to get some mace but knowing me I will spray someone that asks for the time.