Oh boy, here I go. Wish me luck. 


So I just got back and I have to say that it went so well. I was nervous and I felt like my body was shaking when I started to actually vocalize my concerns. He was nice about it. He said he was disappointed that it took me so long to tell him but he understands why I waited.

(Now, I feel like I should have said something sooner but quitting gave me more courage to be honest. I can’t imagine saying everything and then having to come back to work with the fear that she might know that I was bitching about her.)

But he made a good point, he said that even if she is a good person, that doesn’t necessarily make her a good manager and it doesn’t excuse her from being horrible at it.

 I made sure to use examples like how she compared me to another employee during a review or how I asked her for help and never received any…or how she would never get back to us (her own employees!) The funny thing though, he wasn’t surprised by anything that I said. I’m guessing other people have mentioned it to him as well. He wanted me to talk to the other employees to make sure they knew that they could talk to him and no one would know. 

I am proud that I said something, amen for having lady balls:)