Whenever I have a day off, I like to sit on my couch watching tv in sweatpants and no makeup. Today, I had to venture out in the real world to buy some dog food….wow was it an adventure.

I went out the first time with my doggy on foot because the dog store is near my house, or so I thought. The boy said it was only a few blocks away but I had gone at least 10 blocks and I still could not find it. Mind you, I have a dog with me too who is curious about everything, so she stops every five seconds. I called him and we decided that I must have missed it since it is a small store. I went back towards my house where I did find it…..I found it to be closed. Nice, right? You would think the store would be open at 10am. Anyway, it gets better. On my way back, this guy walks by me and barks. HE BARKED AT ME. Um, what? Did that moron seriously bark at me? Ugh.

I went back home without any dog food slightly pissed off.

A few hours later, I realized that I would have to go out again cause my dog needs food for dinner. I went back and thankfully, they were open. Dog food in hand, I went back home. Um, you would think I would have a safe journey but no. This car followed me for two blocks, driving 5 mph with the driver whistling at me. Normally, a guy with his head of the window wouldn’t bother me but there were two men and they were following me. Creepy. I decided to go down a path where cars are not allowed and basically sprinted back home with my dog and her food. I swear all of the crazy people come out to play in the afternoon. My neighborhood is safe and beautiful, where did these people come from.

I’m going to sit on my couch with my dog and never ever leave again.

Ok, maybe when the doorbell rings and the kids trick or treat but that’s a clear maybe.

Happy Halloween.