I hate looking for a job.

In the beginning, it was a little exciting thinking about all the different possibilities and new experiences I would have with a new job. Now, it’s just getting frustrating. Aside from the numerous rejection letters/emails I’ve received in the past few weeks, there are no jobs out there.

I mean absolutely nothing.

I’ve searched and searched, I’ve been on craigslist 500 times, monster, hotjobs…you know name, I’ve been there. 

Job hunting is like whoring yourself out there. It’s never satisfying and most of the time you are left with this disgusting feeling that you will end up temping for the rest of your life without a career while your other friends drive by in their new BMWs….no I’ve don’t really know what it is like to whore myself but you get the idea:)

Ok, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself but for those of you that understand what being laid off feels like then you surely will understand how it feels to still be unemployed while your friends go off to work while you stay home. 

Yes, daytime tv is awesome but so is a paycheck. I miss my sanity, if I ever had it to begin with. 

Also, my bf is off fighting the good fight. The military is calling and he decided to answer. haha

I just need one thing to go right….oh pretty please