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I’m having second doubts about this job. Don’t get me wrong, most of the people are great and there are times when I really love it but the beginning is just too hard. Wow, just writing that makes me seem like a baby.  I still have no idea what I’m doing, most of them time I’m running around thinking what have I gotten myself into. I know there is a learning curve but when will I get the hang of this? Anyway, that’s enough whining for now. I think I should really just open up a bakery. Baking cakes, some cookies…..just making people fat and happy. Ok, maybe not fat but definitely happy.  


I think I got lost in the grocery store yesterday. I’m not proud to admit it but I did or at least I think I did. I hate going to the grocery store, I used to love it when I was a kid but now it’s such a pain. I have to carry the items home but thank god for grocery deliveries. 

The only problem, I find recipes I want to make and realize I don’t have the proper ingredients. So to the grocery store I go….twice this week. Damn.

But the results were good. I made home-made Mac and cheese last night and it was absolutely delicious. Thank god my co-workers like the cake yesterday, I left it out on the kitchen table for everyone to sample and apparently it was all gone and someone even tried to lick the cake holder. Sweet, right? 

I also realized that this weekend is a Jewish holiday, the one where you have to fast…..I’m not a big fan of fasting, I don’t devour food but I like eating. Come on, who doesn’t.

Side note: I was thinking of having a guest speaker maybe once or twice a month about politics. Anyone interested in that? If not, I’ll just continue with my rambling 🙂

Happy Thursday….one more day and we are free!

I am super pissed off. I think I might have to quit baking for good. (I’m kidding but that’s how I feel.)

I made this cake last night and all was well until I realized you are supposed to refrigerate it for up to six hours.


I can put the cream on top in the morning. Yay..not.The damn mousse didn’t set; the cake wouldn’t come out of the pan. All of my efforts to flip it over failed and when it finally did come out, it disturbed the mousse that did set.

So the next step- put this extra mousse on top but since the first mousse didn’t set, the two mousses (I don’t know…plural right?) got mixed together. As I’m transporting this cake in my nifty cake holder, someone bumps into me…disturbing the cake even more. I didn’t even want to look at the damage.

Finally at work, I see that not only did most of the mousse slide off the top and is currently up against the cake holder bin but the pretty raspberries that I placed on top are also on the side.

Great…what the deuce? I removed the raspberries and made a fun swirl effect but still. I’m annoyed, why doesn’t my cake look like the one in the pretty picture?! I guess I can just learn from my mistakes and continue to make it until I get it right.

Dumb Dumb dumb. I’m super sad that it looks bad. Hopefully it tastes good though.

Anyone have a cooking disaster?