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Oh, how I have missed you all. I’ve been baking but I always forget to take a picture of it. Which completely kills the idea of having a food blog. I also have to consider that I actually enjoying writing and I have missed you guys a lot. It was a lot nicer to get things off my chest, not just food recipes.

A lot has happened since my last real post.

– I’m moving to a new apartment.
– My current landlord is making my life hell.
– My amazing boss is leaving us….which sucks beyond belief.
– My boyfriend is leaving to train with the armed forces.
– Did I mention my landlord is making my life hell.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back.

See you soon!


Sidenote: For some reasons, the pictures will not correctly. I am working on it:)


 ugly bananas.jpgdscn2283.jpg


It actually makes me sad to see rotten food in my fridge, it happens all the time. I buy way too many vegetables or fruits and I never get around to using them.  I waste so many bananas, I have the best intentions to bring a banana to work everyday but sometimes they get brown and I just cannot eat them. Instead, I had a eureka moment….I don’t have to throw them out, I could make banana bread!  Here is the basic recipe… you can add a few variations which I will also include below. This is so easy but still so good. Please excuse my horrible photos; I will make them better over time. 

Banana Bread (Gourmet 2003) 

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoons baking soda

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 large egg 

1/3 cup of unsalted butter 

1 1/3 cups brown sugar

3 cups coarsely mashed very ripe bananas (6 large) 

1 teaspoons vanilla 


1 1/3 cups walnuts 

1 1/3 chocolate chips (Ok, I realize that this is a banana bread recipe and not chocolate bread but I can eat chocolate every single day so if you want….add some chocolate delight.


Preheat the oven to 350 and butter two pans ( or one if you choose to make one big loaf.)

Stir butter and mashed bananas in a bowl. Mix in egg, vanilla and sugar. Add the salt and baking soda to the bowl and mix. Add flour and make sure to mix it well. Pour the batter into the loaf pan.

Bake for 45 minutes. Once it looks done, cool on a rack and then eat it:)

So guys, I realize that I haven’t posted in quite a long time but that’s because I was trying to decide what to do.  I’ve decided that this will no longer be a blog about random things but a blog about ……….BAKING….. I’m excited, it will be fun.Great pictures, great recipes ….maybe some will even be fat free. Be ready for a new layout and some fresh ideas. Get hungry:) 

Well, hello there. I’m sorry that I have been gone for so long but that’s what happens when you start a new job and suddenly every second is precious.

So here are some highlights:

Work: It’s going well, still really stressful. I really hope that everything will click soon because right now, it hasn’t. I’m making friends, which is a huge relief. Most of the time, I feel like I am running without my head or that people think I am incredibly stupid. But it’s ok, everything takes time so I am willing to wait and go with the flow.  

 Home: My house is so dirty…holy laundry. I just don’t have the energy to clean at all. I mean seriously, who wants to come home around 7/8 and clean?! I don’t…I don’t even want to make dinner but a girl has to eat.

 So much has happened since my last post, I don’t know where to start. Ok, the work party story I mentioned before. I had a few going out parties at my old job and they were fantastic. One of my guy friends, the one who I’ve always had a great connection with, went to the party as well. As I went to leave, he hugged me. I know everyone hugs but here’s the story behind the hug. Two of my friends were standing behind me and when my friend hugged me, I’m sure they assumed it would be short and we would leave. No, this hug lasted for like ten minutes. At first I thought I was holding on too long, so I let go…but he wouldn’t. He just kept hugging me, he told me that he would miss me a lot and that he loved me. (No, not the real love but it was still sweet.) I thought that was it so I pulled away again (now the second time I’ve pulled away) and nothing, he wouldn’t let go. A few minutes later, he gives me a kiss on the cheek, said we would see each other soon and let me go. As I left the bar, I became so sad. I remember sitting on the train actually depressed, I felt that we wouldn’t see each other again. The fact that he held on so tightly meant that it was the end.

Ok, I’m being overly dramatic because I’ve seen him almost every week for drinks with a few other coworkers. It’s nice that I get to see them and have a few drinks. I don’t usually go out during the week but going out with them is just fun.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’m finally going to read everything that I’ve missed with you all and comment.


I missed you guys! 


I am super pissed off. I think I might have to quit baking for good. (I’m kidding but that’s how I feel.)

I made this cake last night and all was well until I realized you are supposed to refrigerate it for up to six hours.


I can put the cream on top in the morning. Yay..not.The damn mousse didn’t set; the cake wouldn’t come out of the pan. All of my efforts to flip it over failed and when it finally did come out, it disturbed the mousse that did set.

So the next step- put this extra mousse on top but since the first mousse didn’t set, the two mousses (I don’t know…plural right?) got mixed together. As I’m transporting this cake in my nifty cake holder, someone bumps into me…disturbing the cake even more. I didn’t even want to look at the damage.

Finally at work, I see that not only did most of the mousse slide off the top and is currently up against the cake holder bin but the pretty raspberries that I placed on top are also on the side.

Great…what the deuce? I removed the raspberries and made a fun swirl effect but still. I’m annoyed, why doesn’t my cake look like the one in the pretty picture?! I guess I can just learn from my mistakes and continue to make it until I get it right.

Dumb Dumb dumb. I’m super sad that it looks bad. Hopefully it tastes good though.

Anyone have a cooking disaster? 

I love checking my email. I have to say that it is my obsession; I even have one of those phones with internet access so I can check my email on the go.

No, I don’t have an all important job that requires constant access to my email account but I just love it.  I need it, I must check it. If I don’t check it for a day, I have these horrible thoughts that someone is trying to reach me and I haven’t answered. I even check my work email constantly, even though I hate my job. I check my work email on my days off…I’m starting to see a problem here.

Is there a support group for email checkers?

Anyway, I’ve become obsessed with cooking and baking but have you noticed that in order to make delicious meals you need more cooking supplies. I’m not just talking about ingredients; I’m talking about pots, pans, mixers and baking sheets.

 My poor bank account. 

I wanted to make banana bread but I didn’t have a bread baking thingy. The word is suddenly missing from my vocabulary. Ya know, that baking tool that has the shape of a loaf? ( Loaf pan??)

Wow, I’ve suddenly realized that I shouldn’t bake. I will let you all know how it tastes!

Ok, I’m sitting at my desk still half awake. I walked the dog, went to the gym and finally I am here… hell or work as some might call it. But here is my real dilemma, is it wrong to eat this delicious piece of chocolatey goodness that I have sitting right before me, taunting me, calling me….saying oh please eat me, don’t worry about the guilt ….just eat me…….Damn……losing all willpower now….Damn you chocolate…damn you. Would it really be wrong to have chocolate for breakfast?Anyway, I made some delicious homemade Oreo cookies…thank you Clink and Smitten Kitchen. Seriously, that lady can cook! ( Around 8 pm, I decided to make these cookies. I don’t have a hand mixer; I ordered a mixer from Kitchenaid but nope, not here yet. So I decided to mix it the old fashion way…whisk…fork…whatever works. Seriously, less than 30 minutes later these beautiful cookies were one. (Pictures to come, unless my boyfriend ate them all… haha)  Thank you chocolatey goodness.