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So I had to leave work early….ok I didn’t have to but I really needed to. I hate being sick. I really really hate being sick. Thankfully, I am not that important at work….yet. So my email box was almost empty and my boss was ok with letting me leave. She’s nice like that. I sat home and did the seven million loads of laundry I had left over from the holiday weekend. I still have three more to go. We are that gross…haha I love the snow outside but I’m not a big fan of the ice. Walking outside with a very excited dog, who will not stop for anything….it’s a falling disaster.  Ok, time for me to go blow my nose for the 100th time today. Happy monday folks. 


Ok, this might be a weird subject for some of you but I was thinking about this and I figured I would talk about it. 

Does anyone else find it hard to poop while other people are in the bathroom?

Gross, I know but I cannot stop thinking about it.

 In the ladies room, I hear so many things…so many disgusting things.

I personally cannot do my special lady business if there is someone else there. I will wait, very patiently until they leave. S

eriously, do you want some random person to hear the sounds you make? ha-ha ok that was wrong but still.

Just writing this, I’m slightly grossed out.

On another note, my boss is dumb. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Sadly, nothing new about the job, I’m starting to get a little frustrated 😦

Ah, the good old office. Oh, how I’ve missed you.

Yeah, right. 

My inbox was so full, it was actually disgusting. I wish I could just press the delete button and be done with it. I guess it is kind of nice to be back in the office, I missed my coworkers even though they are stayed away from me since I am still sick. Can you feel the love?

I sent out a few resumes last night but job hunting is only exciting for the first few days. You start to think about all the new experiences and you get really happy about the new change. But then….a couple of days go by and you don’t hear back from anyone and you start to feel frustrated and you end up sending you resume to Burger King cause no one else will call you back….ok sorry I got a little ahead of myself..

I don’t even like burger king but god now I want some fries. 

I swear the cold medicine is messing with my brain. 

Another freak out moment: the new doggie arrives this weekend. I’m so nervous and obviously excited. I really hope I can do this.ekk…Do you guys have any good training tips for me?

I woke up this morning; I still can’t breath so I figured what’s another day off, right? Except, I’m bored and it’s only 9:43. Crap….I watched everything on my tivo yesterday, cleaned the house, did the laundry, swiffered ( i love that thing.)

I can only lay on the couch for so long before I start to go insane and start stalking people on facebook, as fun as that is, it gets old…

Do I really care who updated their quotes for the day? um no but I am sure going to read it.

I seriously love facebook though, you can spend hours there and the new applications they added just suck you in.

I should be doing something more productive; I don’t know what but something tells me that spending a few hours on facebook isn’t the best idea.

Anyone have any ideas on what I should do today?

Update: Why is that when I’m sick my boyfriend wants to have sex? hahah oh men…

Second update: Wow, I just saw the worst ad ever. It was a group of men playing their guitars and singing..and what were they singing…”Viva Viagra.” They were saying something about how they want to go home …blah blah blah viva viagra…wow i’m slightly scared now.

Yes, this post is about the immune system and the fact that I don’t have one. Ok, I do but it sucks right now. I swear if someone sneezes, I get a massive cold. As much as I love taking time off from work, I really want to be able to breathe. I like breathing. Yesterday, I was that disgusting person you try to avoid. Sneezing, coughing and fumbling around with a million tissues. Gross, I know it’s gross but still every time I think about those tissues, ugh…gross..

So, I’m stuck at home…waiting to get better…thank god for bad TV and leftover choc cake.

Here are a couple of things that I hate:

 Being molested on the train by a homeless guy…yeah, that’s right. For some reason, he thought it would be a good idea to actually start touching me and I mean touching my shoulder….and my LEG! Um, no thanks. I’m good, I just want to be left alone on my train ride home late at night but no, he just had to sit next to me and TOUCH ME. I got off four stops before my actual destination just to compose myself and freak out on the phone to the boy. I’m going to say ew and ugh again cause seriously, EW.

Giant Poo: Yes, I said giant poo. On my way to the gym this morning, I saw the biggest pile of poo ever! On the street! If I wasn’t disgusted yesterday, I am clearly disgusted now. I feel like I need to shower after seeing that.


Why is it Monday? Why? Today starts the week from hell…lots and lots of work before another fun filled weekend. I went home for the weekend and it was so nice to see the fam but thank god it was only for the weekend. I love them but sometimes I can’t deal with everything. There was a huge party on Saturday and I didn’t get to spend that much time with my favorite thing….my bed…Oh I love my bed.. I can’t believe summer is almost over. How disgusting is that? I am not ready to wear jackets and long sleeve shirts.  Do you think that if I just refuse to accept the fact that summer is over, the season might stay around longer? Yeah, I thought so too… booo Monday

I can’t seem to shake this horrible feeling in my stomach. I stayed home from work again yesterday with the threat of having the stomach flu over my head. This really sucks…… I’ve been craving everything but I can’t seem to be able to actually eat it. That is the most annoying thing ever……

note to self: never eat a hot dog again

Everyone has done it…. especially if you’ve gone to college…. becoming friends with the porcelain god. Hopefully, you had a night full of drinking as opposed to eating one wrong hot dog. I would have preferred spending the night getting completely plastered to that one stupid hot dog that decided it didn’t like me. The long drive home consisted of me yelled “stop the car” and as thrilling as that might sound, it really wasn’t. Wasting a perfectly great night full of Keith Urban (the concert was amazing, everyone must watch him live.)

That’s it for now..I am going to retreat back to my hole in the couch where I will not move until 630 when the bf comes home. The only good thing about this sudden attack of food poisoning is a day off from work.

Sweet…..anyone have a good food poisoning story?…maybe a burrito that did you in?