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I am not happy. Not happy at all.

My boyfriend has his friends over and as nice as it is that he sees them, I miss my boyfriend. I miss a clean house, I miss snuggling in bed. Cause right now, he is never around. He is always with them. ANDDDD they are messy, so messy that I actually clean up after them. Usually I wouldn’t cause it’s not my mess but there are cups everywhere, books everywhere…ahhhh. Seriously, who wants to come home after a long day of work to a fricking messy house.

Pros and Cons of the day:

Pro- Playing with my dog
Con- Slicing my hand open with a broken wine glass (major ouch and lots of blood)

Pro- My tiramisu that I made this weekend turned out to be really good.
Con- Tripping over the phone cable while my boss was conducting a conference call.

Pro- I can’t think of one. Is that bad?
Con- Not making enough cake batter for my four layer cake. Frick.


I’m so sorry guys, I swear I get home and I make every effort to post but I’m sure you can understand how things pile up.

Dishes…cleaning…laundry….work stuff…maybe some dinner and even a 30 minute show.

hello! I am missing all of my shows, seriously thank god for tivo or else I would die.

Update on the job:
It’s going really well and I’m feeling much better. I still have a lot to learn but it’s a good type of learning. AND my boss actually says thank you and please!

It is unreal!

I swear I will update on the goodbye outing from the last job, it’s just too good and I might need your help in figuring it out.


I wish i had more time to post but sadly, no.

I promise I will post more. i still want to post about my going away party and the sweet moment I had with one coworker.

I’m completely swamped at work but I thought I would write a very, very short post about how mean people are today.

 Almost every single email in my inbox is mean. Someone is rude, someone has something horrible to say and someone doesn’t know how to spell my name correctly, even though they know me.



Ok, I need to get away from this job asap. What’s the countdown now?

I did it and it really wasn’t that hard. I think she expected it which definitely made it a lot easier.

But right now, I’m really happy to leave this horrible job but also freaking out about the new one. Major eekkk.

All of these fears are coming out right now and I really hope I won’t throw up the night before I start work.

I’ve also decided that I am a crazy person for freaking out this soon but it happens.

On another note, I realize that the friends I’ve made online are my online friends but sometimes I wish I could give them a real hug. I read Michelle’s post yesterday and today, it was one of those times where I wished we actually knew each other so I could fly over there and kick her bf in the ass.


guess what?


Ok, sorry for not coming with an update but the lady and I keep missing each other. She basically told me I got the job through voicemail but she has to go meet with a client so we will chat on monday.

Either way, woohoooo. I am so excited. I cannot wait to give my notice…..goodbye horrible, mean, always late boss……hello new job!

thanks again guys for your support!

I read an article on Monday about this little boy in Iraqi who was set on fire and become disfigured. The article was so moving and the photos made it even tragic. Today, CNN featured a follow up story. So many people were touched by this story that they emailed CNN on ways that they could help and a burn center in the United States has volunteered to help the boy.

After I read this article, I remembered a commercial I’ve seen on tv many times. It is for an insurance company ( Liberty Mutual) and it follows various people throughout the day. One person sees a good deed and then they follow it forward by doing a good deed for another person. I absolutely love this series and I’m so glad they decided to make more. Every time I see it, my faith in society is restored. Yes, I know it is a commercial but it is still so sweet.

Has anyone seen it?

It’s only 2 and I want to go home already. I really want to be one of those people who enjoy doing their job….you know the type…they leave the office with a smile..and not the smile that comes from knowing that you will soon be having that glass of wine you were dreaming about all day long….but a genuine smile of satisfaction.

 Anyway, does anyone watch The Closer on TNT? I swear I love that show. If you don’t watch it, check it out. The main character is southern and it may seem to be just another cop drama…but it isn’t.

Is it friday yet?