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My boss has decided to change jobs. She’s actually a great boss, I know all too well what a terrible boss is like.

She gives me good tips and does a great job….Except she boss told me that I need to sound happier on the phone.

Um, ok. Definitely wasn’t expecting that.


She told me I should sound more cheery and use exclamation points in my emails.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I do not like exclamation points unless it is to convey some form of anger. I! Do! Not! Like! Using! Them!

She even made me post its that say “I’m Nice”…..”I’m Friendly” and “I’m Happy.”

God, I hope that was a joke.

Anyway, anyone have any advice on how to rent my apartment really fast?


Yesterday, I asked if it was Saturday and was told that no, I was in fact crazy and it was Sunday. Boo.

The weekend goes by so quickly, I really think we should have two days of work and five days off every week. Who wouldn’t like that?

Since my coffee has yet to really sink in, this blog will be in bullet points.:)

  • I found out my dog likes to nip ankles. Not mine or the boy..just everyone else that comes in the house. Not cool…
  • TJmaxx rocks, who doesn’t like awesome shoes that are cheap.
  • My cell phone battery dies too quickly, also not cool.
  • I’m getting slightly freaked for this new job. eek

So what’s new with everyone?

First off, I want to say congrats Molly. If you don’t know who she is, then you clearly suck. I’m kidding, she is on my blogroll..go read! The ring looks beautiful!

Speaking of good news…I got a job interview yesterday.

I’m completely freaked out; all of these questions are running through my head. Will I get it? Will the people be nice? Will I like the job? Holy hell!

I suck at interviews too! I get so flustered; I lose the ability to speak. It’s sad actually.

But either way, I got one.

So why is my title “naked ladies?” Oh, because that is what I get to see every single morning.


I’m all for being comfortable in your own skin but is it absolutely necessary to take off all of your clothes in the locker room and bend over right in front of me? Can we say ew? Cause I can!


Now, moving on to the TV segment…Did anyone watch Chuck and the Big Bang Theory…..they are soo funny!

I love sleeping, I really do but when you have a dog, you need to walk them….early in the morning sometimes. I don’t really mind too much, I can’t sleep if I think she is sitting there waiting to go outside. How horrible do you think that might be? You need to do your business and you can’t go… that wakes me up but there are two things that I don’t really like. 

1) It is so dark in the morning. I don’t live in a bad area but walking around in the dark freaks me out. I think I need to buy mace, haha, just in case, ya know?

2) It is so cold. I want to walk around in shorts and a shirt, not long pants and a sweatshirt. I don’t even want to imagine what it will be like when it starts to snow. Getting out of my warm bed is going to take a lot of work.

On other note, thanks for all of the kind words about the job search. I just had a freak out moment on Friday but I am all better now ….for the most part. 

Boo Monday but thank god for fall TV!

My motivation is completely gone. It took so much will power to write this blog.:)I wish someone made a drink that gave people their motivation back. Something that will inspire you to tackle that huge pile of work on your desk that is going to fall over because it is so high. I’ve had two cups of coffee already and still no motivation. Funny story…when I was in college, I used to watch a clip from legally blonde to inspire me. It’s the one where people piss her off after she wears her bunny outfit and she goes to buy a computer. I don’t know why but it always got me to do work. Too bad it isn’t working now….just like me…not working haha. Wow I’m lame. I think having a dog has completely messed me up…or at least that’s my excuse. I want to go home and play!

As you all know, I love going to work. Love it! Not….but finally becoming a pet owner has made me really want to stay home all day long and play with her. Her name is Riley..but that wasn’t our pick. We adopted her and since she is 3, I felt bad changing the name. Still, she is fricking adorable. I’ve wanted to own a dog for such a long time and finally I have an adorable dog. It is unreal.  Moving on, I missed the whole Britney show and now I’m too scared to watch it on Youtube. Seriously, the whole thing is sad. Everyone has been saying horrible things about her weight and her mental clarity, if she had any. I still feel bad for her..just like I felt bad for the geography mishap and the favorite pageant contestant.  I’m doing everything in my power to actually avoid my workload. Unfortunately, I can hear it calling my name. Do me….do me…do me…and sadly there is no sexual theme there…. I had yesterday off and I realize that today is only Tuesday but seriously, guys….is it Friday yet?

Ah, the good old office. Oh, how I’ve missed you.

Yeah, right. 

My inbox was so full, it was actually disgusting. I wish I could just press the delete button and be done with it. I guess it is kind of nice to be back in the office, I missed my coworkers even though they are stayed away from me since I am still sick. Can you feel the love?

I sent out a few resumes last night but job hunting is only exciting for the first few days. You start to think about all the new experiences and you get really happy about the new change. But then….a couple of days go by and you don’t hear back from anyone and you start to feel frustrated and you end up sending you resume to Burger King cause no one else will call you back….ok sorry I got a little ahead of myself..

I don’t even like burger king but god now I want some fries. 

I swear the cold medicine is messing with my brain. 

Another freak out moment: the new doggie arrives this weekend. I’m so nervous and obviously excited. I really hope I can do this.ekk…Do you guys have any good training tips for me?

I woke up this morning; I still can’t breath so I figured what’s another day off, right? Except, I’m bored and it’s only 9:43. Crap….I watched everything on my tivo yesterday, cleaned the house, did the laundry, swiffered ( i love that thing.)

I can only lay on the couch for so long before I start to go insane and start stalking people on facebook, as fun as that is, it gets old…

Do I really care who updated their quotes for the day? um no but I am sure going to read it.

I seriously love facebook though, you can spend hours there and the new applications they added just suck you in.

I should be doing something more productive; I don’t know what but something tells me that spending a few hours on facebook isn’t the best idea.

Anyone have any ideas on what I should do today?

Update: Why is that when I’m sick my boyfriend wants to have sex? hahah oh men…

Second update: Wow, I just saw the worst ad ever. It was a group of men playing their guitars and singing..and what were they singing…”Viva Viagra.” They were saying something about how they want to go home …blah blah blah viva viagra…wow i’m slightly scared now.

I’m so sad that this weekend is over. The beach was absolutely amazing and the weather was just great. The boy and I took long walks on the beach and tried to decide a few things. Aside from the beautiful scenery, we had some tough decisions. Not about us but about my job. As you know, my job sucks….a lot. I think many of you know that if you have a bad job, it really does change your personality. I love my coworkers but I hate the work and even though I’m young, I still want to try doing something that I love or at least like. But I don’t like change. I actually hate change unless I can prepare for it. Yes, I am very lame.  So my tough decision, do I stay with this great company at a position I hate waiting to hear about this other job, which I’m not even sure I will like or even if it will come through…..or do I search for a new job (interviews, suits and rejection!) Leave my great coworkers, leave the stability….frick frick frick (yes, I stole that from Scrubs…awesome show.) I’m just not sure.  Maybe I should set up some deadline for this decision?

 Edit: This is the best way to describe my company/job: They are great at throwing parties and trying to get you to forget that you hate your job.

I really miss my bed and to make matters worse, it’s been such a hectic week. I’m not a big fan of traveling, let alone having to travel two weekends in a row. I realize I’m being a whiny little girl but come on, I love sleeping. I miss sleeping.  I can’t wait to spend one weekend in the house, where I can veg out. My friend (her bf broke up with her and now she is depressing) came over last night. Surprise, surprise….I felt like I was a failure. I’m sure it wasn’t just her doing, maybe I’ve been working too much or maybe I just need to change jobs.  Days like this suck …thank god for wine.