I’m so sorry guys, I swear I get home and I make every effort to post but I’m sure you can understand how things pile up.

Dishes…cleaning…laundry….work stuff…maybe some dinner and even a 30 minute show.

hello! I am missing all of my shows, seriously thank god for tivo or else I would die.

Update on the job:
It’s going really well and I’m feeling much better. I still have a lot to learn but it’s a good type of learning. AND my boss actually says thank you and please!

It is unreal!

I swear I will update on the goodbye outing from the last job, it’s just too good and I might need your help in figuring it out.



I wish i had more time to post but sadly, no.

I promise I will post more. i still want to post about my going away party and the sweet moment I had with one coworker.

Um, day two sucked but it wasn’t so bad. I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, I spent the whole morning looking up medical words.

On the way to work, I felt so sick. All I want to do is go back to bed and sleep all day long. Is it vaca time again?

I sat in on a meeting and the whole thing overwhelmed me.

I still have no idea if I can do this, or do it well.

I need a hug.

What a day. I have no idea what I’m doing at all. At all. Seriously, I couldn’t punch holes in paper correctly, I swear I have a mental problem. For most of the day, I had a horrible headache…mainly from reading so much and looking every word up. Thank you medical jargon. The people are nice though, which is a plus. They took me out to lunch and bought me a desk plant…very sweet.

But unless I learn how to do my job well, that will all fade. Apparently, you will succeed in six months or ultimately realize that this is not the right job. That’s not stressful at all. ha, right.

I missed working at my old company, not the work (obviously) but the people. I could go to anyone’s desk and just talk. Or go and hang out with my favorite guys (story about that later.)

It’s going to take a long time to deal with all of this. I just hope I can do it because right now, I am seriously doubting myself. Especially after fucking up punching holes in paper. Seriously?! How hard is it to create a binder? Apparently, it is really hard for me.

This will get better right? God I hope so. I hate this feeling.

I was so nervous last night that I couldn’t fall asleep at all. I stayed up the whole night thinking about my old coworkers and how I left them. Yes, it was for the best ( right?) but it made me sad. They through me a great going away party and I will post about that tomorrow, one moment has been on my mind all weekend.

Sidenote: my face is so dry and it’s cracking. Damn winter. Any good ideas to fix that? I had to go to the bathroom every hour just to reapply face cream since it looked so flaky and gross. Ugh.

I think I’m getting sick which is kind of bad if you have to start a new job on Monday.

I’m going to drink some Airborne and overdose on tea.

Sadly, we only had seven trick or treaters last night. Where did all of the kids go? I remember going to every single house to maximaze my candy total. I wanted to see fun costumes and cute little children but nope, only seven kids. So sad.

My new boss emailed me last night and showed me the proof for my new business card, how cool is that? I’m getting excited!

Whenever I have a day off, I like to sit on my couch watching tv in sweatpants and no makeup. Today, I had to venture out in the real world to buy some dog food….wow was it an adventure.

I went out the first time with my doggy on foot because the dog store is near my house, or so I thought. The boy said it was only a few blocks away but I had gone at least 10 blocks and I still could not find it. Mind you, I have a dog with me too who is curious about everything, so she stops every five seconds. I called him and we decided that I must have missed it since it is a small store. I went back towards my house where I did find it…..I found it to be closed. Nice, right? You would think the store would be open at 10am. Anyway, it gets better. On my way back, this guy walks by me and barks. HE BARKED AT ME. Um, what? Did that moron seriously bark at me? Ugh.

I went back home without any dog food slightly pissed off.

A few hours later, I realized that I would have to go out again cause my dog needs food for dinner. I went back and thankfully, they were open. Dog food in hand, I went back home. Um, you would think I would have a safe journey but no. This car followed me for two blocks, driving 5 mph with the driver whistling at me. Normally, a guy with his head of the window wouldn’t bother me but there were two men and they were following me. Creepy. I decided to go down a path where cars are not allowed and basically sprinted back home with my dog and her food. I swear all of the crazy people come out to play in the afternoon. My neighborhood is safe and beautiful, where did these people come from.

I’m going to sit on my couch with my dog and never ever leave again.

Ok, maybe when the doorbell rings and the kids trick or treat but that’s a clear maybe.

Happy Halloween.

Wow, so I’m finally done. My last day was extremely hectic and busy, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to everyone since my boss still had a huge list of things for me to do. Nice, right? But my last day was sweet, I realized how much people cared about me there. They bought me flowers and cake. That’s what I’m going to miss, not my horrible boss or the boring work but the people that I’ve spent that last year with, the ones that stood by me through all of the terrible things and all of the flirting and fun. But almost everything has to come to an end….sadly.

This is feeling more like a vacation but in reality, I no longer work there. I’m having mixed feelings about this whole thing, I’m excited to meet new people and to try this new job but I love being comfortable ( who doesn’t right?) so leaving my current job was hard and hopefully I won’t think it was a mistake. Who knows, maybe my new boss will be horrible or the work might be so boring, I would want to rip my hair out. But that’s the risk you take when you do new things, no one ever said it would be easy but hopefully it will be worth it.

Today, I’m going to watch every show that I’ve missed and more. Maybe organize my closet or sleep a lot.

Amen for days off 🙂 or for quitting your job.

Yes, I am at work.


Oh boy, here I go. Wish me luck. 


So I just got back and I have to say that it went so well. I was nervous and I felt like my body was shaking when I started to actually vocalize my concerns. He was nice about it. He said he was disappointed that it took me so long to tell him but he understands why I waited.

(Now, I feel like I should have said something sooner but quitting gave me more courage to be honest. I can’t imagine saying everything and then having to come back to work with the fear that she might know that I was bitching about her.)

But he made a good point, he said that even if she is a good person, that doesn’t necessarily make her a good manager and it doesn’t excuse her from being horrible at it.

 I made sure to use examples like how she compared me to another employee during a review or how I asked her for help and never received any…or how she would never get back to us (her own employees!) The funny thing though, he wasn’t surprised by anything that I said. I’m guessing other people have mentioned it to him as well. He wanted me to talk to the other employees to make sure they knew that they could talk to him and no one would know. 

I am proud that I said something, amen for having lady balls:)

I cannot say this enough, I am so glad I am getting out of this place. My current boss is interviewing for my position. The interview was at 9 and she isn’t here yet.

Great, I’m sure this person will be dying to work here since you cannot get your lazy butt out of bed on time to interview this girl.

I feel so bad for her, just sitting there waiting. For everyone that’s been on an interview, you know how horrible that feels. I really just want to hit her in the face but the nice person in me won’t let that happen. 

I need help thinking of some professional ways to tell my boss’s boss, how horrible she is. I have a meeting/lunch with him before I leave and he is a cool guy, so I want to let him know.